Donald Keene Center Fellowships

The Shincho Graduate Fellowship for Study in Japan

Established in 1992 with the support of the Shincho Foundation for the Promotion of Literature, the Shincho Graduate Fellowship is awarded each year to up to two graduate students in Japanese cultural studies at Columbia University (all affiliated Columbia University institutions) for conducting advanced graduate study or research in Japan. Fellowships are for a period of one year. Graduate students in any field of Japanese cultural studies at Columbia University are eligible. Graduate students engaged in doctoral dissertation research are particularly encouraged to apply.

The 2018 Shincho Fellowship application is due on February 26, 2018.
Click here for an application form.

Previous Shincho Foundation Fellows

Academic Year Shincho Fellow Area of Study
2017-18 Joshua Rogers Literature
2017-18 Ye Yuan Literature
2016-17 Nhat-Phuong Ngo-Vu Literature
2016-17 Alessandro Poletto Religion
2015-16 Jens Bartel Art History
2015-16 Elizabeth Tinsley Religion
2014-15 Joshua Evan Schlachet History
2014-15 Chi Zhang Literature
2013-14 Andrea Castiglioni Religion
2013-14 Aaron Rio Art History
2012-13 Kristin Roebuck History
2012-13 Ariel Stilerman Literature
2011-12 Jennifer Guest Literature
2011-12 Michael McCarty History
2010-11 Sayaka Chatani History
2010-11 Christopher Craig History
2009-10 Robert Tuck Literature
2009-10 Nathan Shockey Literature
2008-09 Marco Gottardo Religion
2008-09 Anri Yasuda Literature
2007-09 Saeko Shibayama Literature
2006-07 Satoko Shimazaki Literature
2005-07 Gian-Piero Persiani Literature
2004-06 Michael Fisch Anthropology
2003-05 Scott Lineberger Literature
2002-04 Tomoko Sakomura Art History
2001-03 Torquil Duthie Literature
2000-02 Michael Scanlon Literature
1999-01 Anne Commons Literature
1998-00 Ken Tadashi Oshima Architecture
1997-99 Mark Jones History
1996-98 Indra Levy Literature
1995-97 Cheryl Crowley Literature
1994-96 Naomi Fukumori Literature
1993-95 Michele Bambling Art History
1992-94 John Carpenter Literature and Art History

The Orient Corporation Graduate Fellowship

Established by the Orient Corporation, the Orient Fellowship is awarded each year by the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures to one graduate student in Japanese cultural studies at Columbia.

The Itoh Foundation Fellowship

From 1999 - 2002, the Itoh Foundation, U.S.A. provided fellowship funding for Columbia University graduate students in Japanese studies.

Purpose and Mission of Itoh Foundation, USA:

The Itoh Foundation, USA seeks to contribute to the global society beyond national borders through funding forefront multidisciplinary research conducted by scholars and students, from any part of the world, belonging to either educational or research institutions, and through supporting international academic exchange among those scholars and students as well as international cultural exchange among talented young people.

Previous Itoh Foundation Fellows

Academic Year Itoh  Fellow Area of Study


Jonathan Zwicker Japanese Literature
Takehiro Watanabe Anthropology


David Lurie Japanese Literature
Miwako Tezuka Japanese Art History


Andrea Arai Anthropology



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