The 2002 Soshitsu Sen XV
Distinguished Lecture on Japanese Culture

Tadashi Suzuki at Columbia University
Tradition and Creative Power in Theatre

Friday, April 30, 2002
Low Rotunda, Low Memorial Library, Columbia University (116th St. & Amsterdam Ave.) Sponsored by the Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture

Read the lecture text as PDF in English here and in Japanese here.

Prof. Donald Keene, Prof. Anne Bogart, and Prof. Max Moerman with Tadashi Suzuki just before the lecture


Prof. Donald Keene with Tadashi Suzuki


Interpreter Leon Ingulsrud and Prof. Donald Keene with Tadashi Suzuki


Introduction by Prof. Max Moerman


Opening remarks by Prof. Anne Bogart


Tadashi Suzuki


Tadashi Suzuki delivers the Sen Lecture
in the Rotunda of Low Memorial Library


Prof. Max Moerman, Tadashi Suzuki, Prof. Paul Anderer, and Prof. Henry Smith at the post-lecture reception

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