Conference Matching Travel Fund for Columbia Graduate Students

The Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture provides matching funds for travel to conferences or workshops by graduate students in Japanese Studies. Students who receive funds from EALAC (or another department such as History or Religion) that are matched by GSAS are eligible to have those funds matched again by the DKC. Information on the GSAS matching program is available at the following url:

Once students have been approved for departmental funds and the GSAS match, they should contact the DKC program coordinator, Yoshiko Niiya (Email: with copies of the application materials submitted to the department and GSAS and confirmation of their approval of funding. The DKC will transmit funds to be included in the payment issued by the department to the student. Any such application to the DKC must be made at least a week before the the conference or workshop, but only after approval by the department and GSAS, so please plan accordingly.

Note additionally that students who have reached their career maximum of two matching grants from GSAS are still eligible to have departmental travel funds matched by the DKC; their covering email to the DKC should explain that this is why they are not submitting evidence of GSAS approval.

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